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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – What is it?

I think these days, most people using the Internet now have some knowledge of what SEO is. Even if they do not understand the process, how it works or what it actually does, many people have at least now heard the term ‘SEO’.

That is a long way from the early days when I started doing SEO in Spain back in 2003. In those days very few people with websites knew what SEO meant, let alone how important it would become for their online presence.

Most business owners with a website back then just had a site because it was something new, and they were told they should have one. Very few people harnessed the power and potential of the end-user who was actually using it to find things.

In Spain, more especially Marbella where we were (and still are) based, it was somewhat of property boom. Many real estate agents used to spend fortunes on setting up exhibitions in the UK to market their properties to people not residing, or visiting Spain.

Suddenly with the Internet and businesses like ours, it was possible to place a real estate agent’s website in front of people that were simply using the search engines to find products, in this case properties in Spain. It did not matter where the user was based or what time of day or night they were searching, a website was open for business 24 hours per day, 7-days per week.

In a vert short space of time more and more businesses in Spain were realising the SEO was getting them to the top of the search results and generating huge numbers of leads.

….and then it all changed thanks to update Florida!

A huge algorithm update changed the entire way a website was ranked and SEO in Spain became much harder and more strategic. There have been dozens of major algorithm updates since and SEO techniques continue to adapt.

Who is the best SEO Marketing Company in Marbella, Costa del Sol

Are we the best? We are good and we get results so in our opinion, that is what counts. We are extremely confident in our abilities and we understand SEO and the importance of it.

At Solar Internet we are already providing our SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) services to many clients in Spain, especially in Marbella here on the Costa del Sol. We have taken websites from obscurity to ranking highly on the front page of Google, which in turn produces much higher volumes of traffic.

This success has meant that work with a growing number of UK based companies from financial services to IT companies.

The search engine optimisation (SEO) environment in Marbella and across the globe is changing all of the time. It is a full time job keeping on top of the changes and the downfall of many companies opting to do it themselves is the lack of TIME they can actually dedicate to SEO.

If you are a Marbella or Costa del Sol based company and already have a website, or are thinking about having one built, you need to consider one important thing.

How will people find my website?

This is why Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) so critical to so many clients. Not only do we help improve search engine positions, we concentrate on making the website convert better.

Find out more about SEO in Spain

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Here at Solar Internet we have recognised the fact that many SEO companies baffle their clients with “industry” style tech jargon to ensure that their clients do not understand the SEO process and what is going to be done. As a result they charge large fees for their services. 

We strive to keep things simple and explain what we need to do to promote a website and we do not charge “over the top” fees for our SEO services here in Spain, plus we provide information in plain ‘non technical’ jargon. Our SEO services on the Costa del Sol are completely transparent and we believe that is how it should be.

Wherever your business is located we can help you with your SEO. Although we are based in Marbella, Spain, we have clients all over the world.

Mobile friendliness is a critical part of SEO these days as well over 50% of all searches are now made using a mobile device. Latest news in October 2016 states that Google will be splitting off their mobile and desktop index, making mobile the primary index for search.

Our team will help you ensure your site is achieving the best search engine results with focused and strategic SEO. We will assess any practices that are harming your results and formulate a plan that will help you climb the rankings.

There is a lot to take into account for the best SEO and long gone are the days of reading a self-help book or simply gaining as many links as you can, in fact the latter can now seriously harm the rankings of your website.

We offer many different ways to work with you on your SEO, from technical site reviews, reports and recommendations to actually conducting ongoing SEO on a monthly basis, or we can just consult as and when you need additional advice to support your team. We can even arrange a workshop or SEO training for your key personnel, if that is a requirement.

If you have a business in Marbella or the Costa del Sol and you rely on Google to bring in business, you need to ensure you are tackling your optimisation.

The first step to getting your business more visible in the Search Engines starts here. Just complete the form and we will be in touch to discuss your SEO and Digital Marketing requirements in more detail.

Why use Solar Internet for Marbella SEO?

Just some of the names I have helped in Spain over the years include: Your Viva, Kristina Szekely, Livingstone Estates, Alanda Homes, Polaris World Spain, Club La Costa, Bliss Hair & Beauty, Best TV Choice, BetVictor and many more…

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