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Paid Social

As well as targeting people who ‘like’ or ‘follow’ you with posts, it is now possible with Facebook and Twitter to target people who don’t yet know or follow you.

Paid Social Media campaigns are a highly effective way of reaching a much wider audience based upon the specific criteria you lay down in your campaigns.

In Facebook for example you can target people who already like your page and THEIR friends or a custom audience based on the demographics you enter.

With Twitter you can target people in many different ways. Either people who follow you and people like them, exclude people who follow you already, people who follow your competitors are other forms of business and by demographic.

In Twitter you can even target people by conversation. So basically people who might be tweeting about where to eat in Marbella, the best place to buy property in Marbella, in fact it is unlimited to how many different ways you can target potential customers.

With all types of Paid Social Media campaigns you can choose different ‘cards’ so you can target people for App Downloads, promote videos, promote tweets and images, add buy now buttons and much more.

Finding the best method of Paid Social for your business on the Costa del Sol can be a bit of a minefield. That is where Marbella based Solar Internet comes in. We are experts in Organic and Paid Social Media and can help you set up campaigns that will work for you.

Whether you want more followers / likes, to promote a special offer (even just locally) or to gain additional customers, we will have a campaign to suit you.

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