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Real Estate SEO

Depending what country you are targeting SEO in the real estate sector can be very competitive and often you could be trying to compete with large portals that tend to have the main market share in terms of SERPS. But that is why you need to think outside the box a little.

How do you approach real estate SEO

Target second and third tier keywords: We would all love to get top positions for some of the most searched terms but how realistic is it?

That is why your keyword research is critical to the terms you should try and target. In fact don’t just use the tools like those found in AdWords, start typing in the main term into Google suggest and you will see the next most searched for terms. Many times it is not exactly what you were thinking of.

So lets take a term like Marbella Property for sale as an example.

The next searches that appear within Google suggest are:

  • marbella property repossessions
  • property for sale in marbella puerto banus
  • marbella luxury villas for sale

But remember, they do vary from search to search so if you did the main searched term ‘Property for sale Marbella’ you would get these suggestions instead.

  • property for sale marbella golden mile
  • propert for sale marbella hill club
  • property for sale marbella old town

These will also change depending what country version of Google you are using too. The above searches were via but if we switch that to (Belgium) the results differ quite dramatically.

Now for the search term Marbella property for sale we get the following suggestions

  • marbella property for sale luxury
  • marbella property for sale kyero
  • marbella east property for sale

So when you are looking how to target your keywords you will need to discuss with your client where their main clients are from and then do your keyword research based upon that information.

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