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Panda Update 24 July 2015

Friday 24th July was the day the search community had been wating for (dreading) – Google at last confimred that it had started to roll out a refresh to its Panda algorithm. However don’t hold your breath or start checking those stats yet, Google said it will take a few months to complete the roll out.


As updates go though, it appears to be a fairly large one as Google spokesman Gary Illyes suggested that it would affect some 2% to 3% of queries, and considering the number of queries, that is a lot.

This long awaited update seems to go against the grain of what Google has been telling us over the last several months in terms of advising the serach community it would be doing things faster.

We have to go as far back as October 2014 to remember the last Google Panda update, and then we were told to expect Panda to update on a continuous basis.

Panda affected many websites that adopted bad practice when it came to content, something Solar Internet has advised against since our formation back in 2003.

Keeping things clean with good quality content has always been our philosophy and we have never been dragged in to unethical linking schemes for our clients.

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