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Google News Spain Update

Those of us that live, work or do business in Spain will be all too familiar with the ever increasing draconian laws that, despite Franco not being in power since the 70’s, seem to be sneaking back in.

The recent ‘gagging’ law that lists many offences including very heavy penalties for filming or taking photos of police, regardless of what they might be doing, is one such example.

Another great example was the one that related to Google News in Spain (or the now lack thereof).

Google News

In Decemner 2014 Google submitted to the law suits that Spain was about to bring and decided to close down it’s news service in Spain, completely. It was because of a law that was passed in Spain that required every publication in the country to actually charge Google (and other services) in order to show snippets of Spanish publications, whether or not the said publication wanted to or not, it was LAW!

The bigger publications of course welcomed this new law but for the smaller brands and publications it has done nothing but harm their businesses, visibility and marketshare.

A study conducted by the Spanish Association of Publishers of Periodical Publications (AEEPP) since the law was passed and Google removed news services for Spain, found that the effects of the law is massively holding back innovation in online news industry and hurting publishers of all sizes.

We all knew what effect this would have but a stubborn Spanish government has managed to ensure that many businesses are now suffering and that aggregator services for news are virtually non-existent.

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