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Facebook Parents Portal

A fear for many parents these days is about the risk to their children from online sources. While most parents do their best to educate their children about the perils they might encounter online, and what type of sites to avoid, children still remain vulnerable to online predators.

In a move to assist parents with this online education, the world’s largest social network Facebook has launched a brand new Parents Portal.

The aim of this new Parents Portal is to help keep kids safe on their own platform as well as the Internet in general.

You can visit the new portal here

Alex Stamos, who is the Chief Security Officer at Facebook, stated during a recent interview on kid’s online safety “At Facebook, we take the safety of all of our users, especially children, incredibly seriously. We want to have a partnership with parents where we can work together to make sure their kids are not only safe while they are children, but to learn the ways they should be careful for their entire lives.”

The portal will contain lots of useful information with some basic information and many tips on how you can try and ensure you keep your child safe on Facebook. There will also be ways to connect with online safety experts so you really can get the best advice.

Facebook itself has been subject to a lot of negative press recently with what some people have referred to as ‘double standards’. There is definitely an increase in people having their accounts suspended through been reported for unsavoury posts.

Some might also say that this should have been the responsibility of Facebook anyway and that this type of portal should have been implemented a long time ago. Cyber bullying and grooming have been rife ever since Social Media became mainstream so it is really about time that these multi-million pound companies took some action to both educate and eradicate.

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