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Facebook Breaking News App

Although this new potential Facebook app sounds quite interesting, I am getting a bit fed up with all the standalone apps they keep rolling out. To this day the forced download of Facebook Messenger still annoys me. I hate having to exit Facebook, chat and then return to Facebook. I actually liked being able to do everything from the same place. [End of rant]

Well the latest app in testing from Facebook is a ‘breaking news app’. It is said to allow publishers of news content to push out breaking news alerts to users / followers / subscribers.

So the ‘leaked’ information on how it is likely to work goes something like this.

Once a user has downloaded the Facebook Breaking News App (this is a guess at its likely title and not the official name), they can follow certain topics or even publications themselves. The publication will then be able to push out notifications and alerts to their followers.

This new app is in the very early stages of testing so factual information right now is a little sketchy but it is rumoured that the test involves a maximum of 100 characters (excluding URL), which incidentally ,must only include their own URL.

Unfortunately we will have to wait for official news from Facebook on this one but it does sound quite interesting and I look forward to learning (and sharing) more information as soon as I learn it.

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