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Facebook Advertising

Social Media advertising has come of age, in particular Facebook advertising.

In the same week we saw announcements from the likes of ITV that their ad revenue is on the decline, Facebook has just announced that revenues and profits have massively increased in the last quarter as more and more people open up accounts on the increasingly popular social network.

Facebook now boasts more than a quarter of the world’s population as users (more than 2 billion) each month and for businesses and advertisers, that is a huge pool of people to target.

Facebook stated that their advertising revenues peaked at $9.3 billion (£7.09 billion) over the quarter April through to June; when compared to year on year that was a 45% increase in revenue.

With more targeting options and more types of adverts available to advertisers, Facebook has been attracting more of them and the growth in use of the network means there are more consumers to target. As owners of two of the other most popular social apps, WhatsApp and Instagram, they are exploring how they can also monetize those in a similar way.

We use Facebook to great effect for a number of clients using a combination of targeting methods and adverts. Boosted posts continue to be a great way to extend the reach of specific posts and even lead ads have been effective in getting new potential clients, across many different business genres.

If you want to know more about Facebook advertising and how you could tap into this enormous pool of users, why not book a free consultation with us.

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