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Boomerang App

There are new apps almost daily for you to play around with photos or videos but not so many from the established Social Media organisations.

Going back to last year we saw Instagram release ‘Hyperlapse‘, a way of creating time-lapse video footage and then be able to easily share across your Social Media channels.

More recently Twitter launched Periscope, a fabulous live broadcast app that has opened up a whole new world for Social Media gurus to explore.

Instagram are back with another spin-off app called Boomerang. Why Boomerang you may ask. Well as soon as you have used it you will understand the naming of this new Social Media app.

While I can see the massive benefit of Periscope to individuals, businesses and brands, I am yet to establish a similar connection with Boomerang other than the fact it is a FUN app.

I can see people having lots of fun when they first download it but not sure about the longevity of this one.

Anyway it is great to have fun apps so why not download Instagram’s Boomerang app and have a play.

You can do some cool animation with it and I am looking forward to seeing some of the more ‘creative’ of you really getting involved with this one.

Happy Boomeranging (have I started a new social term there?)



What is Boomerang?
It is a new app from Instagram

What does Boomerang do?
It takes a series of pictures is quick succession and then ‘knits’ them together in a neat little video similar to the length of a Vine. It then loops but instead of returning to the beginning each time it plays backwards and forwards in a loop.

If you would like to see it working just check out my Facebook page here

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